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Daca nu stii in ce port vrei sa ajungi, nici un vant nu este favorabil.

Vreau sa fiu un om de success; vreau sa am success; vreau sa am o afacere de succes s.a. Da, toti ne dorim sa avem succes.
Intrebarea este, ce inseamna a avea success?
Succesul este ceva obiectiv si particular fiecaruia dintre noi, succesul inseamna lucruri diferite pentru fiecare.
Ca urmare, primul lucru pe ar trebui sa-l facem este acela de definii ce insemana “succes”
Succes egal: bani foarte multi; multe proprietati; propria ta afacere; o familie frumoasa cu mai multi copii?

Ce insemana pentru tine “a avea succes”?
Cand ai definit ce inseamna sa ai success, ai facut deja primul pas catre succes.

In definitia succesului creionezi un scop al tau, un tel pe care vrei sa-l atingi.
Se naste astfel vointa. Odata ce ai vointa incepi sa cauti o cale ca sa iti atingi scopul.

Am spus ca succesul este ceva particular pentru fiecare. De ce? Pentru ca a avea success inseamna sa cauti si sa dezvolti calitatile tale cele mai bune.
Nu poti sa fii un pianist de success daca nu ai ai calitatile necesare. Da, poti sa urmezei o scoala, sa inveti sa canti la pian, dar nu vei fi niciodata un pianist de success daca nu ai calitatile native necesare pe care sa le cultivi si sa le dezvolti.

Cauta sa vezi ce calitati ai si defineste ce insemana sa fii de succes.

Renewable energy in European energy production

The EU Committee on Industry, Research, and Energy agrees on increasing the overall share of renewable energy in European energy production. By 2030, 45% of energy demand is to be supplied from renewable sources. In addition, energy consumption is to be reduced by 40%. This is intended to contribute to greater climate neutrality and security of supply in the EU as part of the European Green Deal.
The Socialist Group reaches agreement with the EU Parliament’s political groups in the Committee on Industry, Research, and Energy on the Renewable Energy Directive. The agreement provides for an increase in the overall share of renewable energies in the EU’s energy production. By 2030, 45% of energy needs are to come from renewable sources – not 40% as previously planned.
Nicolás González Casares, negotiator for the S&D group, says the focus should be on promoting only sustainable types of energy. This includes promoting green hydrogen in addition to bio, solar and wind power.
Agreement on energy efficiency: 40 % less energy consumption
The Committee on Industry, Research, and Energy not only agreed on the increased use of renewable energies, but also spoke out in favour of increased energy efficiency. In a legislative proposal, the Socialist Group calls for a 40% reduction in energy consumption compared to 2007, which would require each EU member state to reduce its own energy consumption by 2% per year by 2030. The proposal aims to protect low-income households from an excessive burden when switching to renewable energy.
Green Deal: European Union to become climate neutral by 2050
With the Green Deal, the 27 EU member states have committed to becoming climate neutral by 2050. To achieve this, greenhouse gas emissions in particular must be reduced. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, greenhouse gas emissions amounted to 3.7 billion tons of CO2 – 24% less than in 1990.
Central and Eastern European EU countries in particular have achieved considerable reductions over the last three decades. However, much of this is not due to the use of renewable energies or energy-saving measures, but to the significant industrial downsizing of the 1990s.

Water should be a basic human right 

2.2 billion people in the world have only irregular access to clean water, including in Europe. While the EU is only hesitantly introducing improvements to secure the drinking water supply for the population, Slovenia is enshrining the right to drinking water in its constitution. 

Making water a basic human right

Clean, fresh water from the tap is considered a matter of course in most western countries. However, around Europe there is are a whole 1 million people which do not have regular access to clean (drinking) water. Homeless and poor people are particularly affected by the lack of drinking water, as without a home, access to water is difficult to impossible, whether for drinking or showering.

The United Nations (UN) Water Report 2022 shows that water supplies worldwide are becoming increasingly scarce, with demand for water rising at the same time. This is partly due to the constantly growing world population. The latter resulting in an increasing economical demand and changed living conditions of people in the globalized world. The UN is therefore urging states to take measures for a responsible use of the precious resource of water. By 2030, the “availability of water” is to be established as one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals all over the world. Furthermore, public access to water such as drinking fountains or water dispensers should be offered, as the UN states.

Source: Water as a human right – How Slovenia protects its drinking water (



Echilibru este o stare.

Fiecare dintre noi dorim sa existe un echilibru in viata noastra, intre ceea ce ne dorim si ceea ce obtinem.
Orice alte stare inseamna extreme, fie ne dorim prea multe, fie obtinem foarte putine din ceea ce ne dorim.
Starea de echilibru este starea pe care ne-o dorim cu totii. Este ceea  ce cautam acasa, la birou sau oriunde ne aflam si in tot ceea ce facem.

Va rog sa va puneti urmatoarea intrebare:
Este duhul de pace prezent in actiunile voastre de fiecare zi?
Noi oamenii, cautam intodeauna starea de bine, de confort, acea stare care ne asigura un echilibru interior.

Pentru a vedea daca avem un echilibru interior, va propun urmatorul test.
Stati in picioare cu mainile intinse bine pe langa corp cu ochii deschisi privind drept  in fata.

Acum ridicati mainile in fata si  pozitie paralela cu pamantul si cu palmele orientate in jos.
Stati in acesta pozitie 5 secunde, apoi ridcati-va incet pe varfuri, ochii deschisi si privirea drept in fata.
Stati si in aceasta pozitie intre 10 si 20 de secunde.
Acum in acesta pozitie inchideti ochii si stati  mai mult de 20 de secunde.
Daca realizati timpii mentionati sau peste  inseamna ca sunteti intr-o stare de echilibru buna, daca nu …….mai trebuie lucrat .… atat prin repetarea acestui exercitiu  dar mai ales pentru schimbarea unor atitudini pe  care le avem in relatiile noastre  cu noi insine si cu cei din jur.

Va propun ca sa lucram si va asigur ca vom reusi.