The state of equilibrium is a desirable and calming feeling. Peaceful thoughts are always present, but we also have to be able to balance our desires with the realities in life. We all want an equal measure between what we desire for ourselves and reality; this mental stability can only make us feel contented about who we really are as people.

Please ask yourself the following questions: do your actions reflect peace? Are you governed by peace on a day-to-day basis? Do you seek balance with the environment around you; your neighbors/friends/fellow man/people? Are you are constantly alternating between seeking external equilibrium (balance with what is outside of you ) as well as with yourself?
I propose the following test.
Stand straight on your foots with your hands stretched well by your side and eyes open looking forward. Now, raise your arms in front of you and bring them to parallel to the ground with palms facing down for at least 5 seconds then take slow steps on your toes and look straight ahead.
Now in this position, stand on the toes of your feet. Close your eyes and stay more than 15-20 seconds. If you do reach these times or over it means that you are in a good state of balance; if not continue to work towards reaching them through repetition but also by changing some habits/attitudes that could be affecting it.

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